The content creator of the YouTube channel Griff's Garage reached out to me to create a character he could use to create reactions in his videos. Several years ago, I also created the logo and animated video intro for the channel. (See the project under "Griff's Garage") He had the idea for "Gearhead," a friendly mechanic skeleton with a gear embedded into the skull, like a mohawk. Through a number sketches and some AI-generated concepts we finally settled on character who had sunglasses with LED "Gs" in them (a nod to the logo), FM radio headphones, a studded leather jacket, a wrench in his left hand, a "gear-like" choker collar, a golden belt buckle in the shape of a gear and the letter "G", and skinny jeans. After creating the character, I then went on to create a different poses or reactions.
Finished Poses
"Thumbs up"
"Pointing behind him"
"Nervous / Scared"
"Subscribe Sign"
Headshot with logo

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