Metamorphosis is a discipleship book for new Christians. It covers thirteen crucial topics that every new believer in Jesus Christ should know and experience. These include being born again, baptism, prayer, the Bible, the church, service, confessing sins to God, inner spiritual life, and Christ’s transforming power. The short chapters, many verses, and discussion questions are all designed to be read by a new believer along with a mentor or in small group settings. 
The Metamorphosis project was a huge collaborative work. The initial content for each chapter was developed by a group of over 20 interns and over the course of 5 years, the content was edited by a number of copy editors and theology scholars. Each of its 105 pages has a unique textural design and vivid artwork is scattered throughout book, featuring 5 different artists. It is all unified into one style, literary voice, and artistic vision.

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