Vita Nova Chiropractic
Logo Design Project

The client for this project was a young chiropractor looking to start his own private practice. The practice is called "Vita Nova," which is latin for "new life," and in line with that, the starting inspiration was a butterfly, symbolizing metamorphosis. Scroll down to the bottom of the project to see the full evolution of the process.

Final product was a pictorial mark of an abstract butterfly, with a spine as the body of the butterfly, and negative space within the shape to resemble the "Vitruvian Man." Alternate versions with lettermarks and wordmarks were also created. There are 32 variants in total.
Circular logo with an outlined circle and the lettermark. 
Solid logo with an solid black circle and the lettermark. 
Full dark blue wordmark with logo.
Circular logo with a solid black circle and the lettermark. 

Client had already used the Midjourney AI to generate a number of butterfly variants. Together we chose 4 or 5 as the basis for the first set of concepts. Client also shared a couple images of a spine as reference for the body of the butterfly.
Soon, the "Vitruvian Man" was also added to the design, but to keep the logo from being too busy, the Vitruvian Man was only hinted at with negative space.
Another element that we experimented with was attaching antennae to the butterfly logo, but using a nerves as the rough foundation of their shape. Ultimately, the antennae were discarded to keep the logo a little more clean and simple. 
Final revisions of the butterfly included some with and without antennae and others with and without the little "wing tails."

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