Packaging design for a line of feminine hair products.
Client provided QR codes and background images, which were illustrations of different women, designed by a friend of the client. There were to be a number of different "looks," such as "look shiny," "look full," "look curly" and there was a different illustration for each "look." The other part of the design prompt was to heavily incorporate a QR code into the packaging, which would direct consumers to instruction videos and tips on to achieve the specific "look." The call-to-action tagline for the QR code was "Get this look."

Ultimately, the client abandoned the project. She didn't have a full business plan and was unsatisfied with all the designs presented to her. However, I felt like I produced some excellent designs, given the parameters given to me and the form factor of the packaging. As such, I am highlighting the various designs I came up with here, as I am proud of the work.

Other Designs

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